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Celebrating 200 Years of Teresa Ball’s Legacy

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


In August of 1821, M.M. Frances Teresa Ball returned to Ireland to found the Irish Branch of the Institute. M.M. Teresa Ball, having spent 5 years in training at the York Convent, was now prepared to make her return and serve the Irish community in providing education for girls following in Mary Ward's footsteps.

Last year, the Generalate Archives invited each Region to participate in a joint publication (to be released at a future date) to celebrate the momentous anniversary. Each Regional Archives was asked to mark the event in some way locally.

The Canadian Region archives is pleased to launch an online exhibit that allows viewers to learn more about M.M. Teresa Ball’s life through digitised archival materials and online resources.

You can view the new exhibit at the following link:

You can also view the IBVM Bicentenary Jubilee Launch presentation below.

Michelle Anitra Pariag & Robert Little

Loretto Archives, Canadian Region

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