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Prayer is central to the life of a Loretto Sister. Through prayer we acknowledge God and creation in all its glory and wonder and we bring the needs of the world to our loving God. Many of our senior Sisters have a special devotion to prayer ministry.

Through prayer each of us has a part in the Institute’s mission throughout our lives.

(Const. Vol. II, 2.13)

Ongoing Prayer Intentions

Let us pray on the 23rd of each month for the Beatification of our foundress, whose process is carried out through the Office for the Cause of Mary Ward and the devotion of the people who trust in her intercession.


Let us pray on the 30th of each month for the union of the two branches. We pray that all the steps necessary to become one Mary Ward Institute will be taken in the same spirit of openness, sincerity and trust in God, Creator of all that is good.

Mary Ward's Prayer


O Parent of parents, and Friend of all friends, without entreaty you took me into your care and by degrees led me from all else that at length I might see and settle my love in you.

What had I ever done to please you? Or what was there in me wherewith to serve you? Much less could I ever deserve to be chosen by you.

O happy begun freedom, the beginning of all my good, and more worth to me than the whole world besides.

Had I never hindered your will from working in me, what degrees of grace should I now have. Yet, where as yet am I?

My Jesus, forgive me, remembering what you have done for me, and where you have brought me, and for this excess of goodness and love let me no more hinder your will in me.

Mary Ward
Retreat, Liége, 1616

Prayer for the Beatification of Mary Ward

God, creator of all that is good,
we thank you for giving Mary Ward
to the Church and to the world.


Impelled by the fire of your love
she did not shrink from risks,
labours or sufferings.


She lived and worked
for your greater glory,
for the good of the Church,
for the nurture of faith
and for the dignity of women.


She was a pilgrim, who spread 
the joy of the gospel.
A women for our times.


Grant that through the 
solemn testimony of the Church 
the example of her life
may be a light for all
who seek God’s will.



We pray with Special Intention for:

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Please let us know if you have any special prayer intentions. Our Sisters will bring them to their daily prayer and Eucharist. Website intentions are updated as frequently as possible.

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