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“Are you searching for a way to make a difference?”

We invite you to explore the possibility of a consecrated life:

  • grounded in God

  • graced by the gospel of Jesus

  • guided by the Spirit

  • engaged in the world

Loretto Sisters (IBVM) are a community of Catholic women dedicated to serving God by responding to the greatest needs of God’s people.

The Inquiry Stage

The Inquiry Stage is the first stage in learning about religious life, and is for women 18 years of age and older who wish to know more about the Loretto Sisters before coming to a vocation decision. During the Inquiry stage there is continuous conversation between women who have expressed interest in our way of life and the Loretto Sisters.

What We Do

  • Acquaint you with our community by phone, email, visits

  • Maintain regular contact to help you with your discernment

  • Provide prayer support by matching you with a sister who will pray for you

  • Recommend some reading (books and articles) that will help you to know more about religious life and the Loretto Sisters

What You Do

  • Stay in communication with us

  • Make the effort to meet with the vocation director and to visit one or more of our communities

  • Continue to read and seek out information to help you make a decision

  • Pray to know how God is at work in your life

Holding Hands

“Women should and can provide something more than ordinary in the face of the common need.”

-Mary Ward

Expectations of an Inquirer

What is Discernment?

It is the ongoing search, above all, for the ways God is working in our lives. Prayer is most important in this search. The grace of vocation flows from our Christian baptismal commitment; a woman discerning a call to religious life is attentive through prayer and reflection to the ways Christ calls her to follow him as she considers becoming a sister.

Women looking to be enquirers should:

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • have at least a high school diploma and at least two years of post-secondary education or two years of work experience

  • be free of major financial debts and have sufficient funds to cover living expenses for the 12-month candidacy period

  • be a practising Catholic for at least two years

  • if widowed or divorced, some time must have elapsed since the annulment of her marriage or death of her spouse

Stages of Formation

“Called by God to a Life of Prayer and Service”
Stages of Formation

1. Candidacy stage

The aim of this period (about one year) is to continue the process of getting to know the community, and providing an opportunity for the Sisters to know you.

The community provides opportunities to help the candidate:

  • understand your own personal faith journey

  • deepen your relationship with Jesus

  • use scripture for prayer

  • become familiar with ‘awareness examen’

  • understand the importance of discernment in daily life

  • reflect on your call to religious life

  • participate in a variety of ministry experiences

  • become aware of the multicultural aspect of the IBVM

During this time the Loretto Sisters have the opportunity to assess the personal growth and faith development of the candidate and to reflect on her suitability for religious life and in particular for membership in our community.

The candidate usually continues her work wherever she is employed.

A psychological assessment is part of the application process to enter the novitiate stage.

A painting of Mary Ward seeking her vocation

Mary Ward’s Journey

“I listened to God’s deep dream for me and longed to respond to this invitation.”

-Mary Ward

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