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What We Do

Today, Loretto Sisters in Canada work to accomplish the objectives of our mission statement in a variety of ways. These include works of education, promotion of justice and ministries of spirituality and pastoral care. Loretto Sisters can be found working in a wide range of ministries and occupations such as:

  • working with refugees and immigrants

  • coordinating parish social ministry programs

  • teaching in University settings

  • working in homeless shelters

  • serving as Diocesan Directors of Education, Spiritual Directors and Chaplains

  • advocating for justice at the United Nations

We are committed to those works that promote the dignity, well-being and inclusion of all persons, particularly women and children. We seek to be empowering of others in our relationships and in our way of ministering. We value collaboration and seek to partner with those who share our values.

Loretto Sisters' work

Our Mission

We are women called by God
to a life of prayer and service,
committed to enriching the lives of God’s people, especially women,
and to the promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation.

“Divine love is like a fire which will not let itself be enclosed; for it is impossible to love God and not to labour to extend God’s honor”
-Mary Ward

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