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IBVM Associate Relationship

Who are the IBVM Associates?

They are people young and old, from all walks of life, who desire to share the charism and mission of the IBVM and have been invited by a sister or an associate.


What is their purpose?

Associates aim to embrace and embody Mary Ward’s vision and values in the world through a mutually empowering relationship with sisters and fellow associates.

What is expected from an associate?

Sisters and associates share a mutual responsibility to live the values of Jesus and Mary Ward in their everyday lives through:

  • Promoting the leadership of women

  • Practicing inclusivity, mutuality, flexibility and right relationship with all of creation

  • Fostering grateful awareness of their personal gifts, and using them courageously in service to the vulnerable and marginalised in our society


What benefits can associates expect from the relationship?

By ongoing communication and celebration, and by participating in the Mary Ward Circles, associates can count on:

  • The support of a praying community

  • The joy of friendship with sisters and other associates

  • A deepened appreciation of the IBVM vision and values

  • Support in living out their personal vocations

  • Spiritual connectedness through ritual and faith sharing

  • Solidarity in social action

Loretto Sisters' associates
Loretto Associates

Who co-ordinates the IBVM Associate Relationship?

Jeanne Cover IBVM

Coordinator of IBVM Associate Relationship

Loretto College

70 St. Mary Street

Toronto, ON M5S 1J3


416-925-2883 Ext: 7507

IBVM Associate Anchor
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