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Integrity, Justice, Freedom

The Loretto Sisters are dedicated to enriching the lives of God’s people through ministries that meet the pressing needs of our times. We are inspired in our efforts by the characteristics of Integrity, Justice and Freedom, three characteristics that our founder Mary Ward envisioned for her community.


calls us to “be such as we appear and to appear such as we are”.


informs us that our lives are bound up in right relationships to God, to other people, to our planet.


is a strong conviction that we must rid ourselves of all that hinders us from living out God’s will for us; the ability to “refer all to God”.

Vowed members, associates, past students and friends of Loretto, are all a part of our IBVM mission to enrich the lives of God’s people through our ministries of education, spirituality and justice.

Integrity-Justice-Freedom graphic - bird of peace with 3 words
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