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"Go set the world on fire with the love of God"
Teresa Ball, IBVM


Teresa Ball and Loreto Education

Upcoming book to be released in December 2021 written by Deirdre Raftery.


Wikipedia: Frances Mary Teresa Ball

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia entry providing basic information.


The life of Mother
Frances Mary Teresa Ball 

Digital edition of the book written by Henry James Coleridge in 1881. 


Ball, Frances (1794 - 1861)

An "" entry providing details of her life.


Mother Frances Mary Teresa Ball

A brief entry on "Catholic Answers" website with details of her life (audio version also available).


Frances Mary Teresa Ball

An entry in the Illustrated Catholic Family Annual (1884).


Article: Catholic Convent Schools and the History of Irish Girlhood [...]

An article written by Mary Hatfield for the Journal "Irish Economic and Social History 2020, Vol. 47 ( I ) 59 - 77".


[...] Constructing Childhood and Space in Dublin Boarding Schools

A chapter from "Urban Spaces in Nineteeth-Century Ireland" written by Mary Hatfield.

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Lesson: Teresa France Ball 

A slideshow produced by Harvey Casey.

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Teresa (Frances) Ball

A slideshow produced by the "Loreto Education Trust."

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