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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction involves walking with someone on their spiritual journey, and supporting them as they try to follow the lead of God in their lives. The Spiritual Director or Companion is someone who:

  • listens with sensitivity and compassion

  • fosters a contemplative atmosphere of trust and safety

  • is nonjudgmental in approach

  • respects confidentiality

  • respects the freedom of others to make choices for themselves

  • stays with and supports the person through struggles and difficulties.


In the process of sharing with another in spiritual direction, we become more aware of the presence of God in our daily lives and inner experience. We are encouraged to respond to God’s personal invitation with openness and trust.

Jeanine Glute ibvm, spiritual guide

Am I ready for spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction requires:

  • openness and honesty as well as a desire to grow in self awareness

  • faith that the Spirit of God is at work in our lives

  • a desire to discover how one is being led by that Spirit

Spiritual Direction is a ministry within the Church. Those exercising this ministry are persons who have received specific training and formation and have been affirmed as having the necessary gifts for this calling.

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