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2nd week of Lent

for Transfiguration

Jesus watching over us

God of truth,

a blessing you promised

and a blessing you give.

Through deserts and up mountains

we follow Jesus

and there find you…

and ourselves

as we were meant to be.

We long to hold on to that vision, O God.

We try

to set up tents

and stay as long as we can,

because it is there

that we know

we are truly home.

But faith calls us,

for it was in faith

that Jesus Lived life

and accepted death.

His faith in you

was born of love.

His love

was born of freedom.

Mary Ward quote
Artwork by Susan Daily, ibvm

In Jesus,

the bright cloud

of your grace

is forever upon us.

may we be willing

to leave

the mountaintop


of life

and walk the plains

of every day.


from A Time to Turn … The Paschal Experience by Anita M. Constance, SC, illustrated by Anne Haarer, SC (Paulist Press, 1995).

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