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World Refugee Day 2021

On June 20th, we celebrate the United Nations World Refugee Day. The theme for World Refugee Day 2021 is the power of inclusion.

The Loretto Sisters are committed to the care of newcomers and refugees to Canada. Since the late 1970s, we have been offering support to those seeking a new home here. Our support includes accompaniment of newcomers and refugees through claimant and visa processes, the provision of clothing, housing, and food, language and skill training, and assistance finding employment.

For World Refugee Day 2021, we invite you to listen the story of two refugees to Canada who have become part of the Loretto House community. In this video, Marcela Diaz and Eva Maria Rodriguez-Diaz tell their story of coming to Canada from Colombia and their experience of being refugees during a global pandemic. We know that you will find their story inspiring.

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