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Third Sunday of Lent

Seven last words

Word THREE – Relationship

To Mary, his mother: “Woman, behold your son” ... and to John: "Behold your mother."

Mary -“Woman, behold your son”...  This phrase turns our gaze from the drama of the cross to those standing at the foot of the cross. With those few words directed to those below him, Jesus transforms the relationship between himself and his mother; between Mary and the Beloved Disciple and Mary and the disciples of the future. It establishes Mary not only as John’s mother, but also our mother in faith. uw

“Mary loved Jesus deeply as her son, but she learned to love Him first and foremost as her Saviour and Lord. In the rest of the Gospels, we see her as a disciple among the disciples — at the foot of the Cross, or at a prayer meeting after the resurrection.” Donna Foucachon - posted on December 10, 2016

Stabat Mater - Pergolesi

 Stabat Mater - Rossini

The Beloved Disciple - "Behold your mother"... Mary becomes the Mother of all disciples. Jesus' words, "Behold, your son", effect what they express, making Mary the mother of John and of all the disciples destined to receive the gift of divine grace.

On the Cross Jesus did not proclaim Mary's universal motherhood formally but established a concrete maternal relationship between her and the beloved disciple. In the Lord's choice we can see his concern that this motherhood should not be interpreted in a vague way, but should point to Mary's intense, personal relationship with individual Christians.” Pope John Paul II, 1997


  • Imagine that you are standing at the foot of the cross with Mary and the Beloved Disciple as this scene unfolds. How do they react/respond to this new relationship?


  • When have you stood with someone who was experiencing a ‘cross’ in their life? What words did you have for them? How did your relationship change after this encounter?


  • Have you ever sat with someone as they were dying? Recall your feelings at that time. Do you recall any words that were shared with you?  How did you feel?  Did the words change the relationship between the two of you?

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