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Statement on Ukraine

March 2 2022 We are calling for immediate cessation of the invasion


We, the Mary Ward Family – Congregatio Jesu (CJ) and Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), together with our lay friends and associates - are deeply disturbed by the current invasion of Ukraine in the Russian military operation.

Unfortunately, in times of war the people who suffer most are those who are innocent and vulnerable. The war has disproportionately adverse effects on women and children as well as the sick and the elderly. It also causes many to flee looking for refuge and it disrupts lives. It breaks our hearts what this does to parents having to flee with their children and the accompanying fear of separation and death. The immense human suffering is uncalled for; it is an abuse of the human rights of the Ukrainian people and a violation of the dignity of a sovereign state.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemn the invasion. We add our voices to the many people around the world condemning the invasion and demand that it must stop now. The loss of life, destruction of livelihoods, property and infrastructure will have huge and long-lasting harmful effects on the people of Ukraine and it will affect the whole world, because everything is interconnected. Therefore, we ask Russia to stop the aggression and escalation and instead to engage in diplomatic solutions through dialogue for the good of the two countries and for the whole world. We join the international community in condemning the invasion and ask President Vladimir Putin to stop further military action against Ukraine.

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