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Mary Ward Week & Lunar New Year at Loretto College

On Sunday, January 29th, Loretto College residents and community members gathered for a festive celebration in honour of the culmination of Mary Ward Week. The decor and menu also honoured Lunar New Year.

Every detail of the menu was carefully curated and planned by Chef David and Loretto's House Council. It featured three courses with an abundance of delicious options: spring rolls, siu mai, steamed buns, kung pao chicken, tamari honey salmon darns, Hunan tofu, and Shanghai rice noodles with bok choy. And for dessert, there was a selection of cakes, cheesecakes, mochi brownies, macarons (a community favourite), and Taiwanese pineapple cake.

The evening included welcoming remarks from Pranjal, the House Council President, about Mary Ward's life and living legacy in the residence ministry to the present day. Pranjal included that "today, the Loretto Sisters continue the mission of Mary Ward and live by her ideals, promoting the gifts of women in “freedom, justice and sincerity” in a way of life that places emphasis on reflection and action, finding God in all things, to give witness to God’s love “wherever the need is the greatest."

Sr. Mary Mallany, IBVM, complemented Pranjal's thoughtful remarks by offering her own reflections on discerning a vocation with the Loretto Sisters and what it means to be a Ward Woman today. Sr. Mary joyfully shared that she encountered the Loretto Sisters when she was four years old as her teachers. Though mysterious, she was drawn to them and felt a desire to be like them - to educate and inspire. Sr. Mary also invited residents to view photos of her religious life journey and placed a photo album on a table with other Mary Ward treasures students could take home (such as bookmarks, quote books, and prayer cards).

A raffle made two lucky winners of 'Mary Ward prize packs' very happy! Sasha and Lauren won tote bags containing contemporary Mary Ward essentials: journals, writing utensils, notepads, stationery and beaded bracelets from IBVM ministries in Darjeeling, Loretto College swag, and chocolate.

The evening concluded with floor photos by the magnificent staircase in the lobby. Loretto residents were all smiles and dressed in beautiful formal attire for our floor photo to be showcased in SMC's 2022-23 Yearbook.

What a special way to capture the excitement and hopefulness for the start of a new year and a new term - all in the spirit of Mary Ward as contemporary Ward women! A special memento of memories and friendships made that will extend far beyond this academic year!

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