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Human Trafficking Awareness Day is February 22, 2023

Fanny came to Canada 20 years ago when her father, a businessman, decided to reinforce her education with a good knowledge of English. After six months Fanny's parents decided to visit her finding a different person - another daughter - physically ill, extremely thin and psychologically affected, she was anxious and rarely spoke to them. They wanted to take her back, but she refused, arguing that it was because of the pressure of the school and her loneliness. Concerned, her father returned unexpectedly weeks later, he found out that her daughter had a boyfriend who provided her with drugs and sexual clients. He had taken away Fanny's legal papers, and was the manager of her money and belongings.

This is a common case of human trafficking, a person who is forced by another -trusted person - to commit sexual acts. The victim is manipulated, forced with violence and even controlled with a supply of drugs so that the person loses their will and finds the necessary help in the trafficker, even to satiate the

addiction that the trafficker provokes in the victim.

Recruiting, transporting, retaining and concealing a person through threats, violent control to exploit or facilitate their exploitation is considered a crime throughout the world and in Canada's civil code. Human trafficking has

different categories such as: sex trafficking, labor exploitation, forced begging, forced marriage, sale of human organs, sale of children, also forcing and controlling a person using violence to commit illegal activities.

Because human trafficking occurs within Canada, it is important to know how this crime affects individuals and communities. Knowing about it is the best way to avoid becoming a victim and to help prevent others from becoming a victim.

Although there are 24.9 million victims of human trafficking in the world, it is known that due to the conditions of confinement and forced control in which the victims live, the percentage of complaints made about this crime is very low.

Sex trafficking and labor exploitation are the largest activities carried out by human traffickers in Canada.

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February22-Human Trafficking Awareness day
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