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Celebrate St. Bakhita Day

On February 8th we mark St. Josephine Bakhita Day, who is the patron saint of human trafficking survivors.

At her canonization mass in 2000, Pope John Paul II said that in St. Josephine Bakhita, “We find a shining advocate of genuine emancipation. The history of her life inspires not passive acceptance but the firm resolve to work effectively to free girls and women from oppression and violence, and to return them to their dignity in the full exercise of their rights.”

Ways to mark the day:

  • Pope Francis' prayer intention for the month of February sends a powerful message against the various kinds of violence against women, which he describes as the “degradation of all humanity” Read the full statement here.

  • The IBVM UN NGO has applied to join Alliance 8.7, an organization working on Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 to end child exploitation and modern slavery. Learn more about the organization and watch a video about their work.

  • Check out this 7-hour prayer marathon hosted by the organization Tabitha Kim to end exploitation. Click on the link on the website’s home page to watch the broadcast of the prayer marathon.

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