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1st Sunday of Advent - Hope

Advent Prayer by Sr Rosemary Albon

When summer’s brilliance has faded into winter’s darkness

The Christian people of the north

Turn slowly inward to reflect on

their advent journey towards Incarnation.

What does it mean?

To wait and long for? ….. Ask a pregnant woman

To be vulnerable and fearful? ..… Ask a pregnant woman

To be full of joy and dreams? ….. Ask a pregnant woman

To be shamed? ….. Ask a pregnant woman

To birth hope, a new and precious heartbeat of God?

….. Ask a pregnant woman

Mary of Nazareth, as Advent approaches

We walk with you and all pregnant women

Through our journey of waiting, of longing

and into transformation. Amen

The Advent of Christ’s Barrier-Free Kingdom

The first week of Advent and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) is a wonderful week to reflect on the hope of Christ, our saviour who was here, is here with us now through his Holy Spirit, and who will someday, hopefully soon, be with us in the flesh again.

It is also a great week to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and our hope of full and equal participation of people with and without disabilities the world over. Learn more

We have hope! Even though

This year has been hard.

For good things can come

When we least expect them.

We found ourselves strong

When we thought we’d be weak

We found ourselves brave

When we thought we’d be scared

We find all this life

In the dead of winter.

We find all these lights

At the end of the year

We see a star rise

In the longest of nights

We find God with us

When we feel most alone.

We have hope! And though

The year’s not over yet

That means there’s still time

To be surprised again.

Watch The Piano Guys – O Come O Come Emmanuel

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