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India Study and Leadership Experience

Image by Loren Joseph

March 2019


The motivation for this program was derived from the personal and professional experiences of its authors in conjunction with the vision prescribed by Adventure Learning Experiences for all of its programs. This vision involves Learning, Leadership, and Service within the context of safe Adventure. 

Service Learning
A unique and distinguishing component of this program is the concept of “service learning”.  Service learning can be identified as experiential education when the learner adopts a life role that provides meaningful service to a community in order to learn about oneself and others.  The pedagogical value of the service increases when the following are added to the learning:  an academic component designed to prepare the learner in terms of content and competencies relevant to the service; an opportunity to reflect upon and think critically about the experience; an element of adventure and challenge; an international and cross-cultural context; and an alignment of individual, placement, and system goals. 

This program will be delivered with the cooperation and support of the Loreto Sisters and Jesuit Fathers. They have administered schools and other social justice initiatives throughout India since the early part of the 20th century.


Approximately 20 students will be selected for admission to this program with 3 teaching supervisors. Students will be selected according to the following criteria:
           1.        Trustworthiness and reliability
           2.        Respectfulness of other people and cultures
           3.        Adaptability to new experiences
           4.        Parental support
Interested students will be invited to submit an application and two letters of reference. All participants will also be expected to complete a TCDSB Parent/Guardian Informed Consent Form for International Excursions. The limitations of TCDSB responsibilities with respect to this program are also indicated in a letter from Adventure Learning Experiences to Mr. Alex Mazzucco, who is an officer with TCDSB.

Adult Supervision
There will be a minimum of 2 teacher supervisors who will be taking part in this program. They also see the experience as opportunities for their own personal and professional development. Instruction for the preparatory learning program will be led by these teachers and all will be accompanying the students to India.

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