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Education Liaison

The Loretto Sisters have been acknowledged and acclaimed leaders in Education, both here in Canada and in many countries throughout the world. Our historical involvement with education in Canada includes the founding of elementary and secondary schools in the last century as well as extensive involvement in Catholic Separate School Education, particularly in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The Loretto Sisters actively foster an ongoing relationship with schools that have a Loretto name and heritage, as well as schools that are associated with us, or named after the IBVM founder, Mary Ward. We wish to honour and continue our very special connection with all of these schools, both here in Canada and throughout the world.

Jane Dunbar Education Liason in classroom

The Loretto Education Liaison seeks to nurture an awareness and understanding of IBVM /Ignatian spirituality in these school communities. The Loretto Education Liaison provides students and teachers with an opportunity to learn about current IBVM initiatives in Canada and throughout the world, and to become better acquainted with the extraordinary life, ministry and charism of our founder Mary Ward.

The promotion of justice and peace is an important aspect of this work. Through the Education Liaison, schools are able to establish links with the worldwide IBVM Justice and Peace Network and with the NGO office at the United Nations in New York.

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