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The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary Welcomes Wendy Ip: A Journey of Discernment and Service

 April 22, 2024, the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) was pleased to hold an official welcoming ceremony in their acceptance of its newest candidate, Wendy Ip, who began her journey with IBVM in mid-2023. This journey stage is one of many as she continues to discern the Lord’s call for her life.

 How does one know they are being called? Wendy mentions that, “Sr. Lynn Cira, IBVM, had once asked me this, and I can only say it is like a seed that has been planted by the Lord in my heart. The seed grows and it blossoms. I found a shift had occurred.  It was a shift from what I could do, to what the Lord would have me do. It is one that invites me to a journey of absolute trust despite all the uncertainties, disappointments, and even feelings of fear. It is only in trusting in our Lord that I will be able to do His will. This desire to do His will and not my own is simply a natural product of my love for Him, my understanding of His love for us, and it is my only best response to His love. With that, I contemplate how we might nurture the hearts of others to allow us all to better embrace the love of God so that we all can be a light of God’s love for one another.

 In addition to being an IBVM Candidate, Wendy Ip volunteers for both United Nations Women and the Mary Ward Centre. In March 2024, on behalf of IBVM, she attended the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women with several IBVM from across the globe. 
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