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Let us give thanks


O Divine Gift-giver, I stand beneath the endless waterfall of your abundant gifts to me. I thank you especially for the blessing of life, the most precious of all your gifts to me. I thank you, Ever-generous One, for clothing to wear, for food and drink to nourish my body, for all the talents and skills that you have bestowed upon me. I thank you for the many joys of my life, for family and friends, for work that gives to me a sense of purpose and invests my life with meaning. I thank you as well for the sufferings and trials of my life which are also gifts and which together with my mistakes are among my most important teachers.

Grant that I may never greet a new day without the awareness of some gift for which to give you thanks. And may constant thanksgiving be my song of perpetual praise to you.

by Edward Hays, Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim
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