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Affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College

Loretto College               Women's Residence


Standard single rooms contain an in-room sink, with shared washroom access.

Double rooms contain an en-suite washroom that is shared with a “suitemate” in the adjoining super single room. The door to the private suite, as well as the bathroom door, can be locked for privacy.

Graduate student rooms are fully furnished with twin bed, dresser, desk with lamp, bookshelf, closet and storage space.

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With en-suite washroom; formerly occupied as a double room.

A super single room includes: single-twin bed, bookshelf, desk, desk chair, underhead desk lamp, mirror, bulletin board, dresser, garbage bin, and full sized closet with added shelving for storage.


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With in-room sink; shared washroom access.


A standard single room includes: single-twin bed, in-room sink, storage under the sink, bookshelf, desk, desk chair, underhead desk lamp, bulletin board, garbage bin, and closet.


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A GRADUATE STUDENT ROOM includes: single-twin bed, dresser, desk with lamp, bookshelf, closet and storage space and 4-piece private ensuite bathroom.


  • Laundry facilities, wifi, and cable tv included 

  • Cleaning service provided 

  • Meal plan: 3 meals / 7 days 

  • Access to common rooms, fitness room, chapel, rooftop garden, private kitchen and dining room 

  • Shared living space with a community of Loretto Sisters


Please DO NOT bring any items that could pose as a fire safety risk (such as candles, incense, or cooking ranges including burners or tabletop grills). Please bring only ONE small appliance such as a mini-fridge, microwave, or kettle (due to our limited electrical capacity).


NOTE: There is a large fridge for resident use in both the 3rd and 4th floor common rooms as well as a kettle, rice cooker, and microwave located in the 4th floor common room and hot water tap in the main Cafeteria.

Please leave the following items at home!


  • Routers (personalized routers are not permitted in residence as they interfere with the UofTWiFi and cause connectivity issues for students in the immediate area)

  • Loud musical instruments,amplifiers,speakers, or stereos

  • Open element cooking devices (e.g. toasters, toaster ovens, cooking elements) 

  • Incense or candles 

  • Large furniture items (e.g. futons, Lazy-Boys chairs, mattresses, full size fridges, etc.)

  • Your car –parking is expensive in Toronto! There is no designated student parking at Loretto!


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you provide bed linens? 

Yes. Beds in residence rooms will be dressed with linens upon arrival. If a resident chooses to use these linens, they will be washed every other week by housekeeping staff. However, residents are encouraged to bring their own set of linens for regular use.


Can I bring my own mattress? 

No. To reduce the risk of bed bugs (which have seen a resurgence in large cities), personal mattresses, beds, or futons are strictly prohibited- this policy also applies to new mattresses still in original packaging. 


Can I remove furniture from my room once I arrive? 
No.  All the furniture provided in your room must remain there for the year.  Loretto College does not have enough storage space to remove and store unwanted items. 


Can I send items to the College by mail now and pick them up when I arrive? 

With some exceptions, we ask that none of your personal items arrive before you do, as our mail room has very limited storage. If you have items that will arrive while you’re in Mandatory Quarantine, contact, to inform the Dean’s Office. Please do your best to wait to order or have items arrive until you’re on campus! 


NOTE: One of the benefits of being an ‘urban campus’ is that there are plenty of shops within walking distance of our campus (e.g. Dollar Stores, Pharmacies, Canadian Tire, The Bay, etc.)  So, if you forget something or would rather purchase bulkier items after you arrive, no problem!

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