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Frequently Asked Questions

Rooms, Roomates and Common Areas

Will first year students be expected to have a roommate next year?

We’re reducing our overall capacity so that we can assign single rooms to all incoming residents, in consultation with our local public health unit. Requests from siblings and close friends who wish to share a double room will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This means many students will be placed in rooms that would normally be occupied by two people (known as our “super single” room). Consideration will be given to pairing “suitemates”- those sharing adjoining “super single” rooms and an ensuite washroom.

If I’m in a room that is usually occupied by two people, can I have the extra furniture removed?

Unfortunately, Loretto College does not have storage space to hold all the extra furniture from double rooms, so we ask that this furniture remain in your room. If you do choose to rearrange the furniture in your room, you must ensure that it is back to its original positioning before you move out at the end of the 2022 Winter term.

When will I know my room assignment?

Building and room assignments will be communicated to all residents on move-in day. Upon acceptance of an offer of residence, the Dean’s Office will reach out to residents by email prior to move in day to confirm room accommodation type but may not yet be able to provide an exact room number- unless special requests have been made that can be honored. For late applicants who receive and accept an offer of residence, you will receive confirmation of your placement approximately one week prior to your arrival.

What if I cannot come to campus in the Fall? Can I defer my room space to Winter?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to hold a room space until the Winter 2022 term. We would encourage students who are unable to come to campus in September to apply to the St. George Waitlist, and list their top residence preference as Loretto College. If we have spaces available throughout the year, we will offer to students on the waitlist.

Will common rooms and other amenities be open?

We plan to start the year with our common rooms open but with reduced seating to facilitate physical distancing. A maximum occupancy will be posted on all our shared spaces that students will need to abide by. While the Music Room and Study Hall are open, the Fitness Room is current closed.

What is the elevator’s maximum occupancy?

The maximum occupancy of the Loretto College elevator is two (2) people, and signage will be posted on each floor. Masks are mandatory in elevators. Given that the Loretto residence has no more than two (2) residential floors, students are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevator if they are able to.


I’ve heard that high touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently. What are the high touch surfaces in the residence and how often will they be cleaned?

High touch surfaces include doors and door handles, faucets, elevator buttons, intercom buttons, surfaces in shared spaces, and more. Our housekeeping staff are committed to sanitizing these surfaces at least twice per day, seven (7) days a week. We also encourage students to take necessary precautions and wash or sanitize their hands after touching any shared surface. Private residence rooms (and super single ensuite washrooms) are cleaned by housekeeping staff once a week. Garbage pick-up occurs every other day.

Will I be able to bring guests into the residence building?

Until further notice, all UofT residences will be closed to visitors, except for on Move In Days, when a maximum of two (2) helpers will be allowed to enter the residence to assist students. These helpers will be required to wear masks in all common areas of the residence and will only be permitted to enter their student’s room for a maximum of two (2) hours.

When is Move-in Day and how will it work this year?

Since we are accounting for reduced occupancy, we are currently planning to host a staggered and physically distanced move in day on Sunday, September 5 for all residents. As move-in day approaches, students will receive communication from the Dean’s Office with move-in procedures and a link to choose their move in timeslot.

Will I be required to wear a mask in residence?

As per UofT’s new mask policy, and the City of Toronto bylaw, all residents are required to wear a mask when visiting public/common areas of the residence and/or entering and exiting Loretto College. This includes in hallways, foyers, laundry rooms, common rooms and washrooms (with the exception of showering, washing your face, or brushing your teeth).

What responsibility will I have for cleaning?

Although enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented by our housekeeping staff, it is not reasonable to expect staff to be able to clean the hundreds of common touch-points in our residence in between each use. With this in mind, we are encouraging residents to bring their own cleaning supplies so they can sanitize surfaces when needed. We’re all in this together!

How often will the common washrooms be cleaned?

Washrooms will be cleaned at least twice per day, seven (7) days a week.

Quarantine Plan

Do I have to quarantine before moving into residence?

If you are arriving from outside of Canada, a 14-day quarantine is required. The Government of Canada has outlined the requirements for Mandatory Quarantine for Travelers to Canada. This applies to all travelers to Canada regardless of the country of origin.

As part of our caring community approach, UofT is offering spaces for students to fulfill the mandatory quarantine requirements set up by the Government of Canada and to support students’ overall health and safety.

How do I apply for quarantine space?

An application form is available at starrez.utoronto.ca (students will need to login using their JOIN/UTORid).

If someone is experiencing cold or flu like symptoms in residence, what happens?

Students who experience cold or flu-like symptoms will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days, and/or to visit a testing centre and be tested for Covid-19. Students are expected to isolate after being tested until they receive a negative result.

Should I download the Covid-19 Application to my cell phone?

The Government of Ontario released a Covid-19 application for iPhones and Androids in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. You can learn more about the application here.

Will someone who comes down with symptoms and needs to self–isolate be required to move rooms?

While many of our students share common washrooms, we have designated rooms with ensuite washrooms throughout the residences for the purpose of self-isolation. If a student is self-isolating, we will assign them a private washroom and shower to avoid any potential spread.

How will food be delivered for someone who is self–isolating?

With the help of our Don team and food service provider, students in self-isolation will receive packaged meals from Chartwells delivered to their door. Any food restrictions will be accommodated with delivered meals.

What happens if someone who is self–isolating requires medical care?

If you are self-isolating and require medical care, please contact Loretto College at 419-925-2833 or email loretto.college@utoronto.ca. If you require medical care after hours, please contact your residence Don(s) using their room extensions, or call Security at 416-925-2833 (x5000 or ‘0’ from your room phone).

Fees, Dons, Room Keys, Meal Plan

Will there still be Dons living in residence this year?

Loretto College has hired three (3) Dons in total for the 2021-2022 academic year. There will be two (2) Dons assigned to the third floor and one (1) Don assigned to the fourth floor.

How will interaction with my Don be different this year?

This year we expect that there will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual interactions with your Don. To get to know you better, your Dons will reach out to you to arrange a virtual chat and frequent check-ins throughout the semester. To prevent large gatherings, floor meetings will take place online.


On move-in day, all residents receive a metal room key and possibly a secondary metal key if your room comes furnished with a locked top-drawer of your room’s dresser. If you are locked out during weekday regular business hours (8:00am-4:00pm), then you are encouraged to visit the Porter’s Desk. There you can sign out a temporary room key and you must return it within a maximum of thirty (30) minutes or you will be charged a $25.00 fee.

If you have lost your key, please pay a fee of $25.00 for the new room key and $40.00 for the new dresser key at the Porter’s Desk. Payment must be made on the day when any replaced key was requested and given. The new key can be paid for either in cash or by credit card at the Porter’s Desk.


Loretto College offers residents an in-house meal plan in the Student Dining Room (pictured below). The meal plan (incorporated into the total residence fee) includes service seven days per week, with two hot meals daily. Residents will receive a continental breakfast, followed by two hot meals for lunch and dinner, Monday to Friday. On the weekend, hot brunch will be served followed by an evening dinner.

Loretto’s Head Chef works closely with residents to accommodate food allergies and dietary needs. To-go lunch containers can also be provided upon request.

Student Dining Room Hours:


7:30-9:00am (continental breakfast)

12:00-1:30pm (hot lunch)

5:00-7:30pm (hot dinner)


10:00-1:00pm (brunch)

5:00-7:00pm (hot dinner)

Click here to see the Dining Program brochure.


Accommodations at Loretto College for the 2021-2022 academic year are as follows:

Undergraduate Rooms

Standard single room- $14,500.00

Super single room- $15,500.00

Graduate Student Rooms

Full academic year (8 months)- $17,600.00
Single Term (4 months)- $8,800.00
Monthly rate- $2,200.00

*These fees (which include a 7-day meal plan) are paid in three increments and can be deferred until September 30 once documentation of student aid or bursary application/award has been received by the Loretto College Dean’s Office. The non-refundable $600.00 reservation deposit is submitted upon acceptance of an offer of residence (corresponding to the deadline in the offer email), and the first instalment is due by August 15.

Please email loretto.college@utoronto.ca for more information on pricing, or to inquire about fee due dates and methods of payment.

QUESTIONS? Please email loretto.college@utoronto.ca!


To inquire about your specific residence application, technical issues, deadlines, or University of Toronto Housing Services, please email residence@utoronto.ca (and include your full name and student number).

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