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Affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College

Loretto College               Women's Residence


In addition to the convenient location right on the University of Toronto Campus, we are pleased to offer residents a number of amenities to make their time here feel like a home away from home. 

Students at Loretto College


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Designed in memory of a former Loretto College resident, this room is open 24/7 and may be used as a relaxing social space where residents can greet and entertain guests. We request that no food or drink is consumed in this room and that guests are signed in at the Porter’s Desk.



This unlocked, silent study hall is located by the west end of the second floor and may be used 24/7 by residents only. Please note that study areas may not be reserved, the tables and chairs must be cleared of personal items and study materials after use, and consumption of food as well as cell phone use is strictly prohibited.



Common rooms are located on both residential floors. Equipped with some combination of televisions, couches, and a small kitchenette, residents may use this as a social space for floor events or group study. Please do not exceed any room occupancy limits that are posted.


There is one music room located in the lower level. Practice time (between the hours of 7:00am-11:00pm) must be reserved with the Dean’s Office and will be recorded on an online schedule that is posted on the Music Room’s door and at the Porter’s Desk. A resident will only have access to the Music Room if the space is booked in advance. Moreover, the resident will be responsible for sanitizing all touchpoints upon entry and exit with cleaning and disinfectant products provided in the room.



There is one laundry room located in the lower level of the building. All machines are coin operated (costing $1.50 per cycle). There is also a dispenser of detergent and dryer sheets at cost (available in the Laundry Room). Residents are encouraged to follow our ‘etiquette guide’ for using the laundry room, and are responsible for all of their belongings. If there are any mechanical issues with the machines, please notify the Porter’s Desk immediately.



The lower Lounge is Loretto’s largest resident recreational and social space in residence. This room is open 24/7 and is equipped with a large TV, plush couches, study tables, a board game cabinet, pool table, and ping pong table. Equipment can be borrowed from the Porter’s Desk in accordance with public health guidelines.  

Other spaces/features at Loretto College Residence:


Located in the lower level, the trunk/storage room is available to all residents but can only be accessed through the Porter (by signing out a key at the Porter’s Desk) or by contacting either the Dean or Assistant Dean. Residents may store luggage and small goods in the trunk room but must limit themselves to TWO labeled pieces for the entire academic year. Please note that once the residence officially closes after second semester, residents who have used the trunk room to store items must remove items upon move-out. After being emailed to notify students that their items must be removed, items will be cleaned out of the trunk room within two weeks. Residents may use the trunk room at their own risk. Loretto College is not responsible for lost, missing, or damaged items. If you are a returning resident for the next academic year, then you may store TWO pieces in the Trunk Room during the summer months. Items must be placed in a 20x20” box and clearly labeled with the resident’s name. Boxes that fulfill this requirement are available for purchase (for $10 each) at the Porter’s Desk.  



A locked bicycle shed is located behind the building. Please request assistance from the Porter’s Desk if you wish to access this storage area. All bicycles must be stored in this shed and not in residence rooms. Loretto is not responsible for theft or damage of bicycles stored in this shed. The key to the bicycle shed must be signed out at the Porter’s Desk. 



The Loretto chapel is located on the second floor and is open 24/7 to all residents of all faith backgrounds for silent prayer or meditation. The Loretto Sisters have a community Mass every Tuesday at 5:00pm. They also offer silent prayer on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and often advertise for other small gatherings, Ignatian meditation, or interreligious prayer services throughout the year.   



The Porter’s Desk doubles as our mail desk. Every resident is provided with their own mailbox (assigned to them on move-in day). Please note that your mailbox number has no relation to your room number. To help speed deliveries, your mailbox number should always be used as a prefix to the street address by anyone sending you mail. If you are a resident that goes by two names (for example a legal name and a preferred name), please ensure that those sending you mail include both names.

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