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Loretto College               Women's Residence

Affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College


Welcome to Loretto College

Preference is given to St. Michael’s College undergraduates who are studying in the Faculty of Arts and Science. However, students from professional faculties such as Engineering, Music and Kinesiology — as well as graduate students — are welcome to apply. Since many of Loretto College’s residents live here for the duration of their degree at the University of Toronto, returning students who meet the eligibility requirements receive first priority when reassigning rooms for the next academic year.

More Information

For more details, please take the time to fill out the form below.

How do I apply to Loretto College?


Follow the instructions below to apply to Loretto College Women’s Residence. If you are a First Year student and miss one or more of the deadlines below, you may lose your residence guarantee and will be placed on the waiting list.


Please be aware that the residence guarantee does not guarantee a specific residence or your top choice residence.


Loretto College is happy to accommodate students without a residence guarantee or non-Loretto returning/upper year students if our space permits. Our application process prioritizes students in the following order:

  1. Returning Loretto residents

  2. First-year students with residence guarantee

  3. Transfer Upper-Year students who have not lived in Loretto College in the past

Further information regarding the application process can be found on the Apply for Residence page on the University of Toronto’s Housing Services website.

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