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Affiliated with the University of St. Michael’s College

Loretto College               Women's Residence


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Loretto College is a place to call home! As part of a world-renowned research institute, Loretto College is situated in an exciting cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Loretto College strives to support all residents as they pursue their academic goals and make the most of their university experience. Living in residence is a remarkable opportunity to contribute to community life by developing skillsets beyond the classroom, socialize with peers, form lasting friendships, and engage in extracurricular activities on campus. As such, Loretto College is a valued ministry of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (commonly known as the Loretto Sisters).


Owned and administered by the Loretto Sisters, Loretto College has housed and taught women pursuing post-secondary education since the turn of the twentieth century. By choosing Loretto College as your home away from home, we hope that you will enhance your university career in a safe and nurturing environment. Be part of Loretto Sisters’ time honoured history and legacy as the fully federated sister college of the University of St. Michael’s College!


A great adventure awaits!

Emily VanBerkum, Hon. B.A., M.Div.

Dean of Student Residence, Loretto College 

416-925-2833 x5241

Office hours: Emily holds regular, in-person office hours. However, she may be out of the office for external business. If she is unavailable, you may leave a message for her at the Porter’s Desk, call her office extension to leave a voicemail message, or send an email. She will reply as soon as possible. Please note that during the evening and on weekends, the Dons assume the responsibilities of the Dean’s Office and can contact the Deans when necessary. 

Our Philosophy
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Our goal is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment by facilitating interactions that support the development of positive relationships, and that foster mutual respect among our residents. With this goal as our focus, Loretto College serves as a comfortable place in which to study, socialize, and relax.

Our History
Loretto Abbey Wellington

The Loretto Sisters have been ministering to the University since 1911. For generations, Loretto College residents have been University of Toronto students while benefitting from the guidance and accommodations provided by the Loretto College community and staff.

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